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A digital collection of the publication Nesika: The Voice of BC Indians. The Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) published Nesika from September 1972 to May 1975. From July 1975 through September 1975, three issues were published jointly with the BC Association of Non-Status Indians (BCANSI) which is now United Native Nations (UNN). Starting with the October 1975 issue, Nesika was published solely by BCANSI. The UBCIC retains copyright over issues in this digital collection up to September 1975. Please contact the UBCIC Resource Centre for more information on reproductions and permissions. Tel: 604.684.0231 Email: For reproductions or permission to use content in later issues, please contact the UNN.

The complete collection comprises 6 subcollections. Those currently available are:

Nesika: The Voice of BC Indians
Unity: Bulletin of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs
UBCIC Bulletins
Indian World
UBCIC Up-date, Newsletter & News
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